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    The Bluestockings Blog

    What's Your Bra Zone? An Interview with Lingerie Expert Elisabeth Dale (and a giveaway!)

    "There seems to be zero consumer education around bras, except to blame/shame women into buying new foundations by telling them they are 'in the wrong size.' The big fat lie that gets repeated is that '85% — or more of us —don't wear the right size.' There’s no science behind this statistic and no mention that all brands have different fit standards."

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    How Maude Nibelungen Designs Knit (yes, knit) Lingerie

    Maude designs knitwear that will make you cry, it's so beautiful. Knitwear is a unique type of clothing to wear: it can be as loose as an infinity scarf that gives you multiple layers in winter, or it can hug the body and remain breathable in summer - a relentlessly comfortable second skin. There is so much to be done with knitwear, and Maude's work shows that. 

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