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How Maude Nibelungen Designs Knit (yes, knit) Lingerie

Maude designs knitwear that will make you cry, it's so beautiful. Knitwear is a unique type of clothing to wear: it can be as loose as an infinity scarf that gives you multiple layers in winter, or it can hug the body and remain breathable in summer - a relentlessly comfortable second skin. There is so much to be done with knitwear, and Maude's work shows that. 

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3 Pairs of Underwear To Help You Survive Without Air Conditioning

Fact: staying cool starts with what you wear underneath. I know this to be true: my partner and I moved to Brooklyn in June - and we didn't have air conditioning until last week.

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Product Review: Rainbow Hipsters (aka queer undies for Pride)

I love these knickers and I am thinking of buying another one because it’s also such a cute pair to just lounge around in the garden on hot summer days. And because there’s maybe nothing better than being able to say “I’ve got a rainbow on my butt, wanna see?”

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