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5 Witchy Lingerie Ideas for Your Halloween Costume

Halloween is one week from today! If you need last-minute details for your costume (or if you need lingerie to be your costume, or at least keep you from being the most boring one at the party), this post is for you. 

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How Under the Root Creates Eco-Friendly, Kinky Lingerie in the Pacific Northwest

Jennifer, designer and creative mastermind of Under the Root, is probably one of my favorite people in the lingerie industry. She is fiercely committed to creating eco-friendly clothing using sustainable techniques. She is the rare feminist in this industry who puts their money where their mouth is and actually photographs their products on models with a multiplicity of body types.

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What's Your Bra Zone? An Interview with Lingerie Expert Elisabeth Dale (and a giveaway!)

"There seems to be zero consumer education around bras, except to blame/shame women into buying new foundations by telling them they are “in the wrong size.” The big fat lie that gets repeated is that “85% — or more of us — don’t wear the right size.” There’s no science behind this statistic and no mention that all brands have different fit standards."

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