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    Bluestockings is a lingerie and underthings boutique that began when queer-identified founder Jeanna Kadlec realized there was no lingerie boutique in the United States that explicitly took the needs of the LGBTQIA+ community into account. 

    Founder Jeanna Kadlec. Photo Credit: Tammy Lamoureux

    Bluestockings' mission is to empower people who have been marginalized by the mainstream lingerie industry and to offer them an experience that reflects their identities, their bodies, and their values. 

    At the end of the day, we believe that representation is not an idea - it's a practice. 


    LGBTQIA+ Inclusivity. Inclusivity isn't just an ad campaign. Inclusivity looks like offering products that support your gender expression. Inclusivity looks like fitting notes for trans customers. Inclusivity looks like discreet packaging that takes your safety in your real life into account. 

    Ethical Manufacturing. We require all brands to provide proof that their manufacturing processes ensure humane, ethical conditions. We refuse to work with brands who will not provide this.

    Sustainability. Fashion is second to oil when it comes to environmental impact in industry. We have a profound commitment to minimizing waste in our processes. All of our packaging is 100% recycled and reusable, and some of it is biodegradable. 

    Transparency. What do we stock what we do? How do our bestsellers impact future buying decisions? These are behind-the-scenes questions we address publicly for the benefit of our customers. We have also been known to send newsletters that bring together the personal, the business, and the political, talking about the SCOTUS marriage equality decision, Black Lives Matter, and what the recent election means for a business like Bluestockings.

    Community. We feel strongly about nurturing the Bluestockings community - much of which occurs in daily conversations on Twitter. We also work to charitably support communities that impact our customers: women, LGBTQIA+ folks, those in financial need. 

      Charitable Giving

      We have donated to The Sylvia Rivera Law Project, Planned Parenthood, Fenway Health, Metavivor, and The Trevor Project.

      We have done bra drives for and donated underthings to Rosie's Place, an LGBTQIA+ inclusive women's shelter in Boston, and Bottomless Closet, a New York City charity which provides professional clothing, job readiness, and post-employment training and coaching services to women on assistance and working-poor women.

      We have sponsored Bitch Magazine, Ladypreneur League's LEAP Conference, and Boston's The Femme Show. 

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