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    Who are you shopping for, and how can we help?

    This is … not a conventional gift guide. Femme, butch, masculine of center, and androgynous are all amorphous categories that I have loosely (verrry loosely) gone with because people asked, but also. also. also.

    Your underthings do not always match your outerthings and that is okay. Don’t assume that just because someone’s in a skirt they’re not down with boxer briefs, or that just because they dress super masculine that they don’t wear pink bras.


    But gift guides. Gift guides are helpful. Also, hilarious.


    • Everything here is ethically made
    • By independent designers and brands
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    Right then.

    For the High Femmes

    Dottie's Delights is the standard in retro reproductions with a modern twist. Designer Stephanie Kuhr's Sheer Show collection, designed in collaboration with model Mosh, catapulted the brand to the top of this particular niche in the lingerie industry.

    Bow Playsuit, $89. XS-3X.
    Ouvert Tap Pants, $69. XS-2X.

    Also: the Kai Hold Ups by Erica M ($48). These are a showstopper. 

    For the Hard Femmes

    Photo: Michelle Davidson-Schapiro. Model: Erica Pitcairn. 

    The Fishnet Bra by Claudette is a little bit hard and a little bit... less hard. The fishnet material is sassy, but the solid-on-solid color, discreet tuxedo bow, and flawlessly smooth finish make for a simple but strong aesthetic. (Or, my type of bra.) $79, 32-36 C-G. 

    Also: the Yosra Bodysuit by Erica M ($130, S-L). Under a leather jacket. 

    For the Masculine-of-Center folks who are not androgynous, tyvm

    Photo: Michelle Davidson-Schapiro

    Play Out sells gender-neutral underwear that, honestly, appeals to everyone: femmes, butches, androgynous and nonbinary people, straight people, gay people. Everyone.  

    It lands in the MOC category primarily because it's something my super-selective MOC presenting partner and friends will actually wear. (Honestly, y'all are pickier than I am.) 

    Boxer Briefs, $26. S-XL.
    Trunks, $29. S-L.

    Also: binders by Danae. $45-59, XS-2X in all styles.

    For those of you who fuck with androgyny and fluidity

    Photo: Michelle Davidson-Schapiro. Model: Simone Franchelle.

    Nubian Skin has been (rightfully) celebrated for bringing nude bras to people of color. However, their bras are particularly appreciated by Bluestockings customers for their hard-to-find minimalism. No bows, no trimmings, no super femme extras. Just a supportive, well made t-shirt bra. 

    Cafe au Lait, $50. 32-36 B-DD. 
    Caramel, $50. 32-36 B-DD. 
    Cinnamon (pictured), $50. 32-36 B-DD.  
    Berry, $50. 32-36 B-DD. 

    Also: for those of you who do want the lace trimmings with your gender fuckery, some lace boxers by Foxers. $35, XS-2X. Also available in Charcoal. 

    For all my thick AF, #effyourbeautystandards peeps

    Photo: Michelle Davidson-Schapiro. Model: Erica Pitcairn.

    Robes aren't just for the bedroom. They're an A+ option for outerwear, especially for layering over your fancy Saturday night clothes. Throw this adjustable Slinky Black Satin Ballet Wrap Robe by RavenDreams over the Charcoal Lace Boxers, a cocktail dress, or a button down - up to you! $164.  

    This ruched chemise by Tia Lyn is a total winner. Super comfy, also sexy as fuck. $69, 1X-3X.

    For the witches in the crowd

    harMonica Design packs their made-in-NYC-underthings with good energy. The bralettes and matching undershorts are meant to be worn with a daily intention. Bonus: the bralette comes in versions for A-C and D/DD cups (!!). 

    Feather Prism Bralette, $79. S-L, with individualized A-C and D/DD sizing.
    Undershorts, $54. S-L.

    For the kinksters

    Now is the time for to splurge on the ultimate luxury item: the Binding Brief by FYI by Dani Read. $111, S-L. 

    Leather addicts adore the Bang Baratta Gloves, also by FYI by Dani Read. $80, in black. 

    For the cat lovers

    Legit the cutest knickers ever (if you're a cat person). Please note the ears. *dies* $39, S-XL. 

    Plus, the matching crop top - also with ears. $59, S-XL.

    For anyone attending Christmas Eve mass

    Peace (and a wee bit of sacrilege) be with you. Wear the Virgin Mary on your longline bra and knickers and no one will be any the wiser.