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    I have a question about my order. Who can I contact?

    Email me (Jeanna) at If your question is about returns, you can use Bluestockings' Returns Policy as a starting point.

    I’m having issues with my tracking number/didn’t get a tracking number.

    If you didn’t get a tracking number with your order confirmation email, please email me (Jeanna) at immediately. If the tracking number isn’t working on the USPS website, please contact USPS.

    What does the Rewards Program do?

    We don't do regular sales, but we do like to reward our loyal customers who make a point to shop with us and support independent, LGBTQIA+ business. Hence: the reward program.

    Things you can do to earn points: create an account (200 points), shop with us ($1 = 1 point), refer a friend (500 points), share on facebook (50 points), share on twitter (50 points), enter your birthday in your account to get 200 points on your birthday.

    Reward tier: 500 points (or, using your code to refer one friend) = $5 off your order; 1000 points = $10 off; 2500 points = $25 off 

    Where can I find...?

    Boxer briefs. Bralettes. Underwire bras. Binders. Underwear. Hosiery and accessories.  

    Why don’t you stock [this one thing I saw this one time]?

    Could be a few things. If you saw it at Bluestockings and it's no longer here, odds are good the item was either discontinued due to being seasonal (this happens often with colors and print patterns) or dropped by us due to poor sales.

    For more insight into our inventory selection, we recommend reading How to Fuck Up as a First Time Girlboss: Inventory Selection (or, how we pick shit). And if you're interested, be sure to check out our sales reports, where we break down the numbers of which sizes and styles are our bestsellers. 

    Are any of the designs here by Bluestockings?

    Bluestockings does not have its own lingerie line. The products are thoughtfully made by independent designers and brands who ethically manufacture and share my commitment to sustainability. 

    What charities and non-profits do you support?

    We have donated to The Sylvia Rivera Law Project, Planned Parenthood, Fenway Health, Metavivor, and The Trevor Project.

    We have done bra drives for and donated underthings to Rosie's Place, an LGBTQIA+ inclusive women's shelter in Boston, and Bottomless Closet, a New York City charity which provides professional clothing, job readiness, and post-employment training and coaching services to women on assistance and working-poor women.

    We have sponsored Bitch Magazine, Ladypreneur League's LEAP Conference, and Boston's The Femme Show. 

    Are you hiring?

    No. Any job openings will be posted on the Bluestockings website and our social media pages.

    What is Affirm, and how do I pay with that method? 

    You can select Affirm as an option once you reach the checkout page.