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    The Bluestockings Blog — bluestockings product review

    Product Review: The Imogen Button Bra by Playful Promises (aka Your New Bombshell Work Bra)

    "A few things before this review gets started: I am infatuated with the Imogen bra/panty set. I feel like a total pin-up when I’m wearing it. Another thing: I am not a lingerie blogger! Up until fairly recently, I had exactly one (count it: one) bra from Macy’s that I wore every day. Fancy lingerie is new territory for me." - Jess

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    Product Review: Lace Boxers by Foxers

    " These Black Lace Boxers by Foxers have been on my list since I laid eyes on this magnificent piece and was proud to make it my third purchase. I have never worn lace boxers, I’m usually a plain full coverage bikini kind of gal, but something about these just caught my attention and I had to have them." - Ashley

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