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    The Bluestockings Buying Guide

    Buying for someone? We’re here to help! Here are a few quick tips to make the process as painless as possible:


    How can I tell what they like?

                Think about the person and, if you've got enough time between now and the day of gift giving, start paying attention to what they wear on a daily basis. What colors do they seem to gravitate towards? Do they go for solids or prints? Darker or lighter colors? Pastels, neons, or jewel tones? Also think about fabric. Do they like the finer things in life (think silk and lace trim) or do they stick to reliable basics like cotton and bamboo?


    Check their size—literally

                If you have consensual closet access, this one is easy (and simplifies the process). 


    Educated Guesses = easier than you think!

                It’s all about perception. If you’re not sure about their specific size—or if you go in their underwear drawer and find a ton of different sizes (which is likely)—consider a more flexible option.

                The answer: loungewear! Robes, nightgowns, pajamas, harnesses, and rompers make for luxurious gifts. They also tend to be more generously sized and so make for much easier gift giving. Added bonus: these are the items people are far less likely to buy for themselves, so it’ll be an extra treat.


    Does it need to be returnable? 

                Be sure to check out our Returns Policy.


    Buy for the person—not for your own tastes

                There’s only one hard and fast rule of buying for someone else, and it’s that you put their needs and wants above your own. The last thing you want to do is give a “gift” that’s really a suggestion. (Jeanna wrote a blog post about this.)


    When in doubt: gift cards

                100% satisfaction for everyone, guaranteed.